What is 7K Metals Autosaver Program?

The 7K Metals Autosaver program gives members three simple & convenient

ways to have silver and gold shipped to them every month on autopilot.

With three different options for monthly collecting there is an autosaver plan

for everyone and it's as easy a picking your plan and receiving awesome coins

delivered straight to your door every month

1) Basic - American Silver Eagles MS 70

2) Variety - Collectible Silver MS 70 Coins

3) Specialty - Fractional Gold & Silver Coins

Basic - $105


Variety - $139


Specialty - $179


One 7k labeled Specialty Series MS 70 Silver Eagle

A different MS 70 or equally awesome coin every month

Fractional gold in a graded collectible series Low mintage to boot.

Don't Make The $1.2 Million Mistake


If you had purchased one MS 70 American silver Eagle coin every month since 1986, (like the 7K Metals Autosaver basic plan), it would have cost you somewhere around $40,000 - $50,000. Some of those MS 70 coins would be worth over $20,000 today.

That collection today would be worth somewhere in the ball park of $1,200,000. That is the 1.2 million dollar mistake and one of the main reasons behind the 7K Metals Autosaver program. 7K Metals wanted to make it easy for anyone to collect American Silver Eagles and other collectible coins that will go up in value on autopilot.


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